Technology Lab Assignments for the Year
Technology 1 Assignments

Flash Assignments:

Sony Vegas Assignments::

Dreamweaver Assignments:

Fireworks Assignments:

AUTOCAD Assignments:

General Technology Assignment:

Graphic Design Assignments

Graphic Design Process Assignments:

History of Graphic Design Assignments:

Visual Communication Assignments:

General Creativity Assignments:

Photoshop Assignments:

Illustrator Assignments:

Practical Design Application Projects:

Graphic Design Principles Assignments:

Real World Graphic Design Problems:

Other Assignments:

Civil Government Assignments

UNIT ONE (Birth of Democracy):

UNIT TWO (Political Parties):

UNIT THREE (Congress):

UNIT FOUR (Executive Branch)

UNIT FIVE (Judicial Branch, Bill of Rights)

UNIT SIX: "Trust but Verify"- Government acting on behalf of their citizens.

UNIT SEVEN: Foreign Policy


Yearbook Assignments

Media Productions Assignments

Units Assignments:

Sony Vegas Assignments::


Graphic Design