The Yearbook/Journalism BUSINESS AD PROJECT


Yearbook staff need to be working on business ad sales to help pay for the publishing of our book. This is a class requirement, mentioned on the first day of class and in the course syllabus.


Staff will SELL a business ad to the organizations listed below. You will have a week or so to complete this task. Each student is also responsible for selling ONE ADDITIONAL advertisement to a business or organization that is not on this list. (There are many available!)


Riney Pizza Plus,
Emalee Nunn Telephone, Nunn Storage, Photographer Person
Lexi Farmer's Insurance, Ault Chiropractic
Ciara Steven's Grill,
Dyllan Continental Supply, Guaranty Bank,
Maddy Gray's Cafe,
Savannah Jay's Automotive
Luz K&W Printing, Inc.
Zannie Sunrise Lumber, DBT Transport
Hope J-9 Crop Insurance,
Melissa Austin and Austin, C&H Excavation,
Serinady Cinnsations, Double J,
Hailey NAPA Auto,
Nathan Ault Rental,
Anderson's Pumpkin Patch Josten's Dana Weiss
Faded Rose Antiques United Ready Mix Concrete
High Tech Rental Kinetic Energy Company (across from Anderson's Pumpkin Patch)
Husky Den Waste Management, Inc.
GT Auto Fab Moonlight Carriage Co. Nunn
Miracle Electric Fagerberg Produce
Farmer's Bank Greeley Tribune
North Weld Herald  

DUE DATE: Your business ads are due by MONDAY, September 17th. Most of the businesses listed above have purchased ads from us year after year, all we need to do is ask. PLEASE NOTE: This list is NOT EXHAUSTIVE! Please hit up anyone that you can think of for business ads, we need as many as possible!

GRADING: Please bring evidence of your visit or a SALE from each business on your list. Each completed business visit/sale will be worth 1/2 of your grade for this project, for a total of 50 points. BONUS BUSINESSES SOLD will be worth PRIZES from MR. B.!