We have been working on creating our yearbook for most of this year and the end is finally in sight. Now, we need to start working on ideas for the book next year.

That being the case, I would like EVERY yearbook student to begin working on a THEME and LAYOUT for the book for the next year. You will be creating a number of pages and layouts that match your theme in We will be presenting all of these layouts in class and voting on them. The winning design/theme will be used for next year's book.

PLANNING THEME: By MONDAY, APRIL 15, please complete a pencil sketch and write up EXLAINING your theme, why you think it will work for our book next year and what some of the major elements tying the book together will be. This will be a 50 point assignment for this project. All staff will need to first do some extensive research regarding the elements that they would like to use for their theme for next year's book.Your pencil sketch for your page should include all of your layout ideas put onto a piece of paper, showing all elements required below, along with annotation regarding where you received your ideas for your theme. This will be the first graded part of this project.


Each student will need to create new PRACTICE PAGES on To make your pages, simply log in to and select CREATE> PAGE DESIGN from the home page menu. Once the blank page loads, pull down the menu and click SAVE AS PRACTICE PAGE and save your pages with your name: "LASTNAME_CLUB_PAGE," "LASTNAME_SPORTS_PAGE", etc. You are now ready to begin creating your page.

THE THEME:  You are responsible for coming up with a THEME for the yearbook. The THEME is the verbal idea that holds the book together, as well as the design elements that give the pages of the book their own look and style The theme would be carried throughout the book, holding pages and layouts together.

RESOURCES: You can use ANY RESOURCES at your disposal (ESPECIALLY LOOKBOOKS, and other yearbooks, if you wish) create vibrant and interesting yearbook pages with a tightly integrated theme.

THE LAYOUT OF THE BOOK: This year, we had a SUBJECT PAGE book, with separate pages for each teacher, sport, club, etc. We also include some chronological information in strips at the bottom of some of our pages. You can arrange your book however you wish, but your design choices should be clear in your layout of your pages.

THE NECESSARY PAGES: Here are the pages that a required for this assignment. You can do more if you wish:

  1. A MOCK-UP OF THE COVER OF THE BOOK: This page will be your idea for the design of the cover of the book, and must contain the words "THE HIGHLANDER" and 2018 on it. This should establish your theme and how it will be addressed visually. USE ANY RESOURCES that you must to create this cover.
  2. A DIVIDER PAGE: This is traditionally THE theme page in a Yearbook, showing the Table of Contents for a section of the book. This could be a CHRONOLOGICAL page, outlining the main events of the season of the book (such as Fall, Spring, etc.) This should SCREAM your theme to viewers, showing most, if not all, of the theme elements used in the book.
  3. A SPORTS PAGE: I don't care what sport you pick. Using photographs from this year, put together a DOUBLE sports page in your theme, complete with captions, story, etc.
  4. A CHRONOLOGICAL DOUBLE PAGE: Using photographs from this year, put together a DOUBLE CHRONOLOGICAL page layout that covers a wide variety of school events on it, such as academics, events, field trips, spotlights, etc. If you are including your CHRONOLOGICAL pages within other page topics, that is fine, but you must do so on EACH other page you have created and this set of pages must be another topic, such as LANGUAGE ARTS, PHYS. ED., etc.
  5. ELEMENTS: Please add ALL of the following in your theme pages:
    • FOLIOS: PLEASE INCORPORATE FOLIOS INTO YOUR SPORTS, ACADEMIC AND STUDENT LIFE PAGES! These are the little pictures that we use for student coverage. Feel free to be creative with these, they DO NOT have to be at the bottom of the page!
    • DESIGN ELEMENTS: What creative and interesting design elements are you including to make these pages look unique to your theme AND NOT LOOK LIKE all of the books that we have done over the past three years?
    • FONTS and COLORS: You can use any fonts and colors that you wish, but you should have a standard font for TITLES, TEXT, CAPTIONS, etc. Need a new font installed for See Mr. B.
    • QUICK READS: This comes in the form of graphs, charts, surveys, number panels, etc. How should these look on your pages?
    • PHOTOS: How will these be incorporated on the page? How does your design help make these elements look NEW, INTERESTING and EXCITING, without being the same old BLOCKS of PHOTOS that we have had for years?
    • PAGE NUMBERS: How will these fit into the THEME of your book?


This assignment will be presented in class on MAY 3rd, 2018. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO WORK ON THIS!

GRADING: All students must complete this assignment, whether you will be here for Yearbook next year or not. The final products will be graded as follows:

  • Well thought out and executed PLANNING SHEET= 50 points.
  • Well thought out and demonstrated THEME= 100 points.
  • All pages included all required elements and layouts:= 50 points.
  • Pages explained and demonstrated to class in presentation: 50 points