"Graphic Design: Mascot Creation for the 'Ault/Pierce Fire Department'"

THE PROJECT: You have been working on creating vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator for a number of weeks now and all students should be fairly adept at the use of Illustrator drawing tools.

Now, you have the chance to create a REAL MASCOT for a real life company. The Ault/Pierce Fire Department is looking for a high school student to create a new mascot for their department that shows the deparment's connections to the Ault/Pierce community and the High School.


The Fire Deparment will purchase pizza for the entire class, if they select a winning design from the class (the Art Department is also participating in this event!). In addition, the WINNING DESIGNER will receive 100 dollars in cash and their design will be featured on all Fire Department equipment in the future, as well as on the department website, etc.


A few things to note about this current logo. First, it features the words "Ault/ Pierce Fire Department" and "Est. 1904," in addition to the words FIRE and RESCUE. Make sure that these words show up on YOUR logo design, as well. You also see the MALTESE CROSS. This is the basis of most Fire Department logos and is an ancient symbol of Protection and a badge of honor for those who give their lives to save others. I would HIGHLY recommend that your design also feature this symbol, as well. Here is a GENERIC VERSION of the cross, which includes the Hook and Ladder and Hydrant graphics:


There is a long history of cartoon mascots for Fire Deparments, going back a hundred years. Frequently, these mascots reflect heroic or tough characters or animals or local school or community mascots. Here is a collection of such mascots that Mr. B. found on the Internet. Notice that in all of these mascot logos the MALTESE CROSS is featured as a background element. In many cases, the "Hook and Ladder" and "Hydrant" graphics are also featured. Your mascot logo design should probably be similar. Also notice that almost all of these mascots are shown wearing FIREMAN'S HELMETS. A number of these mascots also feature FIRE AXES, FLAMES or HOSES in their designs, as well.

Here are the SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS regarding the creation of the logo:

  • The logo needs to be created on a 12" x 12" canvas is ILLUSTRATOR, using VECTOR GRAPHICS TOOLS such as those we have been using in the GREEN MONSTER and CARTOON ILLUSTRATION project.
  • Your logo should feature the MALTESE CROSS and the words AULT/PIERCE FIRE DEPARTMENT and EST. 1904. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that this text be in a standard, legible font.
  • The department would like to have a visual association with the HIGH SCHOOL. It is possible to build your mascot and logo around the HIGHLAND H, but a much better bet would probably be a HUSKY. Notice that all of the mascots shown above have 3D looking mascots, with the mascot "breaking out" of the background Maltese Cross. I highly recommend that your design does something similar. I would also include a FIREMAN'S HELMET in your design, as well.
  • To create your logo, you will likely need to combine a number of graphics- a Maltese Cross, a Husky, a Helmet, etc. Do this to the best of your ability, using the skills learned in recent projects. Due to the nature of this assignment and the prize offered, it is expected that the student will submit only ALL ORIGINAL WORK.

CREATION and SUBMISSION OF THE MASCOT/LOGO: Graphic Design students will have until APRIL 13th to complete their MASCOT/ LOGOS to Mr. B., who will pass them along to the Fire Deparment for judgement.

GRADING: All students will be expected to complete a MASCOT/ LOGO design for this project. This will be a 100 point assignment and will be graded as follows: Demonstration of FULL EFFORT to complete the project as assigned= 100 points, ANYTHING ELSE= ZERO points. Finalists for this project will have their LOWEST SEMESTER GRADE from the gradebook turned into an A .