Premise: This assignment will allow students to practice the Graphic Design principle of BALANCE, as well as allow them to practice the use of VECTOR GRAPHICS and COLOR in Illustrator.

Before you start: Complete the BALANCE mini-project in pencil.

The BALANCE Principles:

The Balance Principles
Symmetrical Balance
Asymmetrical Balance by Size
Asymmetrical Balance by Position
Asymmetrical Balance by Shape
Asymmetrical Balance by Color

Radial Balance

Mathematical Balance


The CANVASES: You will be recreating AT LEAST ONE EACH of your SYMMETRICAL, ASYMMETRICAL and RADIAL balance designs from the BALANCE mini-project that you completed in pencil. Each of these Sheets will be created on a 700 x 700 pixel PRINT DOCUMENT in ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR.  You will be following the rules below for the creation of each of your SHEETS:

  1. Each sheet created will ILLUSTRATE the BALANCE principle in question. 
  2. Try to copy as closely as you can the original layout of your pencil drawing, including all 10 elements drawn.
  3. Please include COLOR and STROKE effects for each drawing!
  4. When you have completed a SHEET in this assignment, EXPORT it as a JPEG and call it "lastname_symmetrical_balance_1.jpg" or "lastname_asymmetrical_balance_2.jpg", etc. Save these to your BALANCE FOLDER.

Grading: This assignment will be worth a total of 100 points:

  • 20 points for proper execution of each of the THREE BALANCE SHEETS. (60 points total)
  • 40 points, based upon Mr. B.'s whims, regarding the overall effort and creativity of the canvases in this project.