"The Political Party Functions" Poster Assignment

BACKGROUND: For this assignment, you will be researching some real life applications of the FIVE functions of a political party.

SOURCE FOR RESEARCH:  Students will need to use online materials to locate articles or headlines that relate to the five political party functions.

THE ASSIGNMENT:    Make a Poster (or a graphic) that illustrates the FIVE functions of a Political Party (50 points)
  • Your Poster must include:
    • Title (5 points)
    • Listing of the FIVE functions with explanations of each in your own words.(20 points)
    • Graphics that illustrate or decorate each function. (5 points)
    • A HEADLINE from a Current or Historical Event that demonstrates EACH of the 5 different functions.  Please include the source and date of your headline or article. (20 points) [Extra Credit if you locate graphics of ACTUAL newspaper headlines that support the FIVE functions!]

SUBMISSION:  When you are done with your poster/graphic, SAVE IT as lastname_party_functions and put it into the Q: Drive Civil Government presentation folder.

GRADING:  This assignment will be worth a total of 50 points!